Denali Estate is a 42-acre property with 14 acres of Cabernet Sauvignon vines. The ranch is located just above Joseph Phelps winery and overlooks the Napa Valley. Walt & Katherine are very proud of their ranch and feel that their original dream has been exceeded. They have spent years upgrading and enhancing this very special property through consultation and guidance of many friends in the valley. They have expanded vineyards, orchards, and have begun replanting some of the older vines. A new well was added, along with upgraded utilities to serve the needs of the property.

“We have always felt it’s really a special property and that it deserves the very best care.”

When asked about the Denali Estate vineyard, Thomas Rivers Brown describes it as “a Premier vineyard with an amazing South Facing Hillside location built upon rocky alluvial and rich volcanic soils which provide the backbone of this Premier wine.”